Török Fehér Duó

It’s a unique rock-blues formation which was founded by one of the most well-known Hungarian Rock and Blues icons, father of the progressive Rock music in the country and a young, rising teenage guitarist. Ádám Török (71) and Ádám Fehér (14) are playing together in an unbelievable harmony. In spite of their several generations’ age difference, they’re exploring each other’s musical „thoughts” and they prove: that there is hope, for the classics in the new age music industry. The Duo’s special sound, Ádám Török’s unchallenged flute playing and singing, Ádám Fehér’s matured and instinctive guitar playing, and the remastered Rock and Blues classics, make this formation unique not only in Hungary but also on the international stage.

The Török Ádám Fehér Ádám Duo expresses their gratitude to Márta Császár (Kifra) for the photos and Miklós Varga for editing the website.

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